Before having a relationship with Christ, I understood what it was like to be separated from God’s purpose, grace, and love. Within those times I did all I could just to survive each day while feeling dead on the inside. Although God blessed me with people whose hearts were led to help me when they could, He knew I needed to go through this humbling and impactful experience in order to prepare me for bringing glory to His Name in the future. Had God not allowed those tough years to be apart of my path, I would not be able to comprehend how powerful of an impact giving something as simple as a good smelling  soap and the love of Christ through a booklet that reflects His truth would be. The soaps are flawed and temporary, but the truth and power of Christ’s unconditional love, undeserved mercy, and unfailing purpose that He expresses through the Bible, is something that gives life and never dies.

I pray that whomever God leads me to give these soaps to will know that they were made with the love He has instilled within me to share. Most importantly, I want each person to know that this God who created the universe, is calling each person to Himself through His Son Jesus Christ. He is a very personal and jealous God who has a significant purpose and unique call for each person’s life…regardless of what an individual has been through, what they have done, how worthless he/she may feel, or what they have been stereotyped as by others.

God sent His Son to save sinners who realize they need a Savior…and I stand strong on the belief that the only true and lasting Savior is Jesus Christ. Because I firmly believe that there is hope for the helpless and love for the ‘unlovable’ through this Jesus Christ, I thrive to share what God has graciously, yet undeservedly, shared with me. I hold close to my heart the fact that “every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights, who does not change like shifting shadows” (James 1:17) so in turn, I give all the credit and glory to God my Father through Jesus Christ for anyone that may be blessed by this simple gift in which He has given me the ability to give.

With the love of Christ,

Why We Give Soaps